Unwanted Dinner Guest Every Night? Mosquito

Have you wanted to sit on the patio and enjoy a sunset or sunrise and those pesky little mosquitoes come and dive bomb your sweet meat of your neck, or those legs. Well, we all have and it makes you want to swat the heck at your face or legs to get rid of those terrible dive bombers. Lampe Berger (summer night) developed a sure fire fragrance called summer night that actually will give you a 400 square ft mosquito free zone. here’s what it looks like. https://www.facebook.com/Scooters-Lampe-Berger-Store-135116266531609/

you can order it today and save those special times for a evening of fun ,laughter and and relaxation. https://www.lapetitemaisonmountdora.com/shop/lampe-berger-oillampe-berger-oil/anti-mosquito-summer-night/