Mist Diffusers now offered with Ready – to – use Fragrances

Are you tired of wondering if you put the right number of drops into the diffuser? Discover Maison Berger’s new electric home fragrance mist diffusers. Theses ultrasonic diffusers provide an instant delicate and humidifying mist that creates a wonderful atmosphere of well-being. With

this new mist diffuser, Maison Berger is offering a unique collection of ready – to – use fragrances that are simple and practical to use, they make sure that the correct amount of essenial oil in the water is correct for each use..

At the bottom of each Maison Berger Mist Diffuser is a small ceramic stone that emits ultra-fast vibrations which creates the diffusion of the fragrance as a mild mist;https://www.lapetitemaisonmountdora.com/essential-oils-diffusers/

With this new diffuser, you can adjust the ambient lighting from a soft to intense or oscillilating as well as the diffusion from continuous to intermittent order in order to adjust the intensity.

Included with each diffuser is a remote control showing easy to use instructions. Maison Berger is the only brand that is a variety of ready – to – use fragrances featuring unique olfactory compositions enhanced with the correct dose of perfumes. Other diffusers require a meticulous dosage of the essential oil and pure water. we carry these 4 different style in the store>

aroma energy, Aroma Dream, Aroma Happy, and Aroma Relax.