How Do You get rid of Cigar Smoke?

Lampe Berger oils clean smoke odors

Lots of people call the store with a question of how do I get rid of Cigar odors,smells?

There is really only one product on the market that really does the job. I mean, it actually eliminates the foul smell and purifies the air.

Most people that smoke cigars don’t even have a clue as to how to get rid of the odors after a good cigar.

Lampe Berger has developed a revolutionary technology, which purifies the air in closed rooms, and in doing so, added fragrance, or use neutral for those that do not like fragrances.

The Technology uses a patented burner, that purifies and perfumes the air in enclosed spaces.

The Diffusion by catalysis fully destroys the molecules responsible for undesirable smells. In this way, the fragrance of the enclosed room is fast, consistent and long-lasting in a room even when it is large in volume.Eliminate Cigar Smoke odors Eliminate Cigar Smoke odors