Holiday Shopping… oh my!

Where does the time go? It seems that it was just summer then we blinked and it became the holiday season. Not that we're complaining—it's absolutely breathtaking in our small town this time of year. Mt. Dora is lit up with more than 2 million lights and it's a sight to behold to say the very least. 

The only dilemma that we, and many face is the holiday shopping rush. Of course there are those who smartly get it all done early…and then there are those who put it off until the last moment and then have to scramble to find, what will inevitably be, a mediocre gift. But, don't worry. we've got you covered. Lampe Berger is the perfect gift for anyone. Just think how clever you'll look when you present your loved one with such an elegant and useful present. Maybe it will even inspire them to gift you something better than that traditional scarf you get every year!