FAQs about Lampe Berger


If you’re new to the wonderful world of Lampe Berger, I’m sure that you are familiar with how the magic happens but there are a few people that probably have a few questions. Here are some frequently asked questions about our fair fragrance omitter from a reliable source.

A. My lamp has a flame and I can’t smell anything, why?
When you light your lamp, please remember to blow out the flame since the lamp will not do it’s job. Putting a flame to the stone is only a process of heating the stone and needs to be blown out after 2 minutes.

B. I lit my lamp and the flame was 4 inches high. Is this normal?
Yes it is. That is why you need to take precautions while the stone is heating. Do not put it close to flammable materials. Once the flame is blown out your lamp does not pose a potential fire risk.

C. How long do I need to run the lamp?
Usually we suggest 20 to 40 minutes or until you are comfortable with the scent. Running your lamp longer will only increase the strength of fragrance. Your lamp will continue to do its work many hours after you have extinguished it.

D. How large of an area does the lamp cover?
This depends on the layout and ventilation of the area you want to fragrance and purify. In general it will do about 1000sq ft in approx. 30 minutes.
Tip: If you have central air, we suggest that you place your lamp near the intake of air. It will do the whole house in no time.


Reminder: The first time you light your stone, it will take 5 minutes to burn down!

A. How long will the wick/burner last?
A new wick/burner should last 250 lightings or 1 to 2 years with proper use.

B. My wick burner doesn’t stay hot after I’ve extinguished the flame?

If you’ve had it for a long time, then it’s time to change for a new wick/burner. If your wick/burner is new then you can have a “stubborn” one. The trick is to let the wick/burner dry up completely and go through the installation steps again. After a few times the wick/burner should work fine. If you are still experiencing problems, Lampe Berger does guarantee them and any retailer should exchange the defective wick/burner for a new one. Please note that the defective wick/burner should be returned to the retailer so they can be sent to Lampe Berger France.

C. Do I have to change wicks every time I change fragrances?
Not at all. Just be sure to squeeze out any excess fragrance from the wick before putting it in the new fragrance. Do not rinse your wick burner with water or any other liquid.

D. Do I need to let it sit 20 minutes before I light it?
If it’s the first time use, you need to let it sit 20 minutes but if your stone is wet, you can light it with no problem. Your stone will be pale gray when dry and slightly darker when wet.


A. Can I mix fragrances?
Yes you can! We do it all the time. Please remember that stronger fragrances will overpower the lighter ones so always put more of the lighter fragrance.

B. What does “Neutral” smell like?
Neutral has no scent. Some people just want to purify and take odors out without any fragrance. Neutral can also be used with other Lampe Berger fragrances to make them softer or tone them down. Neutral is a great spare to have since some fragrances can be a little too strong for some people.

C. How much fragrance should I put in the lamp?
Never fill the lamp more than 2/3 full.

D. Can I use oil lamp or any other oil?
NO!!!!! This can pose a serious fire hazard and can be extremely dangerous. Only Lampe Berger fragrance should be used in the lamps. Please note that Lampe Berger fragrances are alcohol based fragrances, they are not oils.