Frequently Asked Questions

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Can a body fragrance by put into a Lampe Berger?

No, only a combination of Lampe Berger’s Home fragrances with the AIR PUR System 3C releasing method guarantees the consumers quality fragrances delivered in a safe manner.

Can you mix the Lampe Berger fragrances?

No, mixing fragrances can cause chemical reactions and create substances which are considered to be indoor pollutants, in liquid form or when being released. Our diverse product line means you do not have to mix your own fragrances, as you have access to seven families which are representative of the markets best sellers, and today’s fashions.

Can you leave the Lampe Berger on all the time?

No, it is not intended to be used that way. Its maximum period of use is one minute per cubic meter,i.e. 20 minutes in an area of not greater than 2400 ft.

How do I know when to change the burner?

Lampe Berger recommends changing the entire burner-wick assembly every 200 lightings. To optimize its operation and lifetime, we recommend that you clean the burner regularly (when it has become very black); ideally you should use the “So Neutral” Home Fragrance for this purpose. Leave the flame on for more than 2 minutes until the burner becomes grey again. Do not go past 6 minutes.

Is the Lampe Berger dangerous for animals?

Not under normal conditions of use. You must simply make sure that it is out of their reach so that there is no risk of it falling over. In any case, you must place it in a manner which allows it to be stable.

How do you change the fragrance?

Ideally, you should have several lamps and use a different fragrance in each one. Alternatively, simply light the burne with “So Neutral” for 20 minutes before changing your home fragrance.

In which rooms can a Lampe Berger be used?

Anywhere: In your living room, family room, bathroom, kitchen, office, bedroom, corridor, entrance. The atmosphere that you will create will vary according to the choice of fragrance and room.

How long will a Lampe Berger last?

Our lamps have a lifetime guarantee (see conditions on www.LampeBerger.com), provided they are used exclusively with Lampe Berger Home Fragrances and burners and not off brands. Simply change the burner after 200 lightings and you will be able to keep it for years.

How does catalytic combustion destroy odors but not that of the Lampe Berger Home Fragrance?

There are two zones in the burner: The outer part of the burner is heated at around 932 degrees F, which allows the catalytic oxidation of alcohol and ensures the destruction of unwanted odors. The central area, is heated at a much lower temperate (392 degrees F) and is the part where the home fragrance is diffused; therefore, the notes are perfectly preserved, which guaranties the high quality of the Home Fragrances.

Why is there isopropyl alcohol in Lampe Berger fragrances and not another alcohol?

This is the alcohol which allows Lampe Berger to work in the most optimal fashion.

What are the 3 key functions of the Lampe Berger?

To cleanse the air by eliminating bad odors, fragrance the air durably and to decorate the home.