Fall and Holiday Lampe Berger Fragrances are Here!

When the weather starts to cool, it conjures images of warm fragrance in our minds. Fragrances that remind us of cuddling up under a cozy blanket or reminds us of childhood and family during the holidays. Yes, your sense of smell is a very powerful thing. That’s why we, at La Petite Maison, are so in love with Lampe Berger. It infuses such pure scents into any room effortlessly—and our favorite part is that we can change up the fragrance anytime we want. Now that the cooler weather is upon us, we’re excited to announce that we have some seasonal fragrances in stock now. Rich Spruce, tantalizing Orange and Cinnamon, popcorn and a delicious mixture of Crème Brûlée and Green Apple.And don’t forget our classics such as Ocean Breeze and New Orleans. Come sample the newest editions to our lineup today.