Collect This

While most people reading this blog know that Lampe Berger is the absolute best way to purify the air in your home while sending out a beautiful fragrance of your choice, you may not know that owning a Lampe Berger is worth a lot more than that. Of course, here at La Petite Maison, we have plenty of shapes, sizes and styles to choose from but do you also know that we can get our hands on some pretty fierce limited edition Lampes? So, the prices vary in the way that you can buy a Portobello mushroom vs a Truffle…as in, you can start out with a Lampe that costs no more than $30 or you can spend upwards of a thousand dollars and more for a more ornate version. The really cool thing is that these babies can easily become collector’s items. Check out a few limited editions we’re in love with.