Mist Diffusers now offered with Ready – to – use Fragrances

Are you tired of wondering if you put the right number of drops into the diffuser? Discover Maison Berger’s new electric home fragrance mist diffusers. Theses ultrasonic diffusers provide an instant delicate and humidifying mist that creates a wonderful atmosphere of well-being. With this new mist diffuser, Maison Berger is offering a unique collection of […]

Fragrance Effusion Lamps

Developed in the late 1800’s diffusers were used in the hospitals to clean the air, the best known fragrancer or effusion lampe LAMPE BERGER ( by Maurice Berger) is becoming very popular again. Originally they were designed to dispense scented oils using a heated stone attached to cotton wick. This method is now being used […]

Are Odors Harmful?

  We’re pretty spoiled over here at La Petite Maison—we are constantly surrounded by great smelling purifying air and can change up the fragrance on a whim thanks to Lampe Berger. But I was sitting here wondering, other than odors such as pet, smoke and garbage being icky and offensive, do odors have any other […]

How to Create A Calming Study Enviroment

Nothing quite stresses out students and parents about the beginning of the school year as the return to homework. Households struggle nightly with battles centered around completing after-school assignments. As a parent, you play a major role in providing the encouragement, environment, and materials necessary for successful studying to take place. Five Tips to Create […]