Benefits of Owning a Lampe Berger Fragrance Oil Lamp

Realizing that there are all kinds of odor eliminating products on the market, most only mask the odors. However, a quick burn of your Lampe Berger aroma oil lamp will destroy all traces of cooking fish, stale air, and pet smells that your nose might be blind to. Lampe Berger will clean the air in your home or office.

Lampe Berger destroys bacteria and even will destroy tobacco and cooking odors.

Essential oils are dispersed into the air as part of the catalytic process for a pleasant-smelling environment.

These effusion lamps also increase the amount of oxygen in the air. Genuine Lampe Berger fragrances do not contain Carcinogens, which further separates them from the impostors.

Lampe Berger wicks should last you for approximately 200 burning hours. And, considering that the wick only needs to be lit approximately two minutes per use, 200 hours is a very long time.

There are a large number of fragrances available that will appeal to anyone who uses their oil lamp. You can continue using your favorite fragrance each time or switch out fragrances depending on your mood.

Lampe Berger also offers a neutral fragrance that is used when you want no scent but need to clean and purify the air. Or you can use it to unclog your wick when changing fragrances.. Neutral optimizes the performance of your Lampe Berger. There are 2 sizes of neutral to buy. The 500ml size and the liter size, which will save you money.