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Are Odors Harmful?

  We’re pretty spoiled over here at La Petite Maison—we are constantly surrounded by great smelling purifying air and can change up the fragrance on a whim thanks to Lampe Berger. But I was sitting here wondering, other than odors such as pet, smoke and garbage being icky and offensive, do odors have any other […]

Fragrance Effusion Lamps

Developed in the late 1800’s diffusers were used in the hospitals to clean the air, the best known fragrancer or effusion lampe LAMPE BERGER ( by Maurice Berger) is becoming very popular again. Originally they were designed to dispense scented oils using a heated stone attached to cotton wick. This method is now being used […]

For The Love of Dogs

We all love our animals. While cats can be counted upon to stay clean and dry, dogs, on the other hand seem to revel in the mere concept of filth. A muddy wet dog is a happy one. Perhaps it’s the activity that leads them to that dirty state or perhaps it’s sheer childlike abandon […]

How Do You get rid of Cigar Smoke?

Lampe Berger oils clean smoke odors

Lots of people call the store with a question of how do I get rid of Cigar odors,smells? There is really only one product on the market that really does the job. I mean, it actually eliminates the foul smell and purifies the air. Most people that smoke cigars don’t even have a clue as […]

Well-being and pleasure from Lampe Berger

LAMPE BERGER products are in compliance with a very rigorous Quality Charter to guarantee your well-being. The LAMPE BERGER company has been certified ISO 9001 (International quality control). Natural or artificial scents? Master perfumers use hundreds of natural and artificial ingredients to craft their creations. Artificial perfumes enrich the palate of perfumers with stable, sure […]