All Scented Candles are not Created Equal

There is a big difference in scented candles that you would use in your home. The first difference is in the amount of fragrance that your candle contains.  A heavily scented candle usually contains triple the fragrance as a general scented candle which is usually only half ounce of essential oil.  My experience with scented candles varies from Manufacturer to Manufacturer. I find that those with about 15% essential oil tend to make more of an impression in my house than those that have less than 10% fragrance.

You will notice a huge difference in those candles that have a 15% fragrance and the others.

There are other variables to consider when you are going to purchase a scented candle. First, is it wrapped or open?  An open candle will have already lost some of its fragrance before you even burn it.  I understand how this comes about, with the air rushing around and circulating in the room, you know that it’s bound to start causing the fragrance to dissipate.  Another way for you to judge whether or not a candle is a good one is to stand away from the candle and see if you can smell.   I thought that everybody knew this, but I guess that not everybody has a smart Mom to show them the ropes.

There many, many shapes and sizes of scented candles. The one you choose will depend on what you are planning to use the candle for.  I mean, like tapers are for dining and places that need to have height.

Then there are votives and tealights ( I have hundreds). These are for use in decorations. I burn tea lights and votives, and pillars around the bathroom when I’m about to have a warm and soothing bath. It kind of sets the mood for relaxation from stress.

One big consideration when planning to burn heavily scented candles is who will be there to watch over them while they are burning.  I know of many folks just forget, then, the next thing they know the fire department is at their house putting out a potentially bad fire.  Some folks have an allergic reaction to scents and, therefore, are not able to be in the same room with them.

I know in my store, we’ve had several times a customer would open the door and say, “Sorry. I can’t come in. It’s my allergies.”

Many people use scented candles in their home not only to add fragrance to the air but to try and eliminate bad odors from cooking, pets, or smoke.  However, I must let you know that a candle will simply work to mask a bad odor, not eliminate it.

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